HAZMAT Placards

HAZMAT placards come in many different types, and it is very important that if you’re in a field associated with HAZMAT or even if you’re just wanting to know which labels mean what, that you take them seriously. A mistake or a mislabeling can cost someone their life! Would you really want that on your conscious? Check below to learn about some of the most common placards!

Class 1 Explosives

Class 1 explosives are just that, explosive. They even have a rate of how explosive a particular type is, and to mislabel these can be a very risky situation! If you’re in HAZMAT, take the time to very clearly label and understand the labels!

Class 2 Compressed Gasses

Generally for Class 2 compressed glasses when it comes to HAZMAT Placards there are four types which are flammable gas, non-flammable gas, oxygen, and an inhalation hazard. The mislabeling of flammable and non-flammable can cause some serious injury, or even death to someone. This is very important not to mislabel, so be careful! Inhalation hazards are important to label as well. Someone inhaling this type of hazmat can cause some serious health problems, or even death!

Class 3 Flammable liquids

There are generally four types of Class 3 Flammable liquids which are flammable, combustible, gasoline, and fuel oil. These are of course four very different types, and the most dangerous would be of course, the combustible. The others are of course, very dangerous as well so it’s a good idea to label them appropriately!

Class 4 Flammable Solids

Flammable solids can be just as dangerous as liquids so make sure to label them appropriately! Flammable Solid, Spontaneous combustible, and dangerous when wet. Mislabeling these can cause some major issues!

Class 5 Oxidizers

There is only two of these and although they don’t pose as much of a risk as others, they are still dangerous so make sure to label them appropriately! These fall in the category of Oxidizer, and organic peroxide.

Class 6 Poisons

One of the most risky of HAZMAT placards are the poisons, mainly as with a few, just inhaling them can cause some serious harm! These fall in four different types which are an inhalation hazard, poison, toxic, and PG III. As you can see, a simple mislabeling can cause quite a lot of harm!

Other types of HAZMAT Placards

There are of course other HAZMAT placards such as radioactive materials, corrosive liquids, miscellaneous ones, and just other related markings. They all serve as a point, as well as a warning label. To ignore the labels or to mislabel in general will risk too many people’s lives, so when labeling take the time to make sure you’re labeling things right and if you’re one that just wants to be careful, understanding these symbols can go a long way towards safety!

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