How To Get HAZMAT Certification

How To Get HAZMAT Certification

If your job requires you to work around hazardous materials every day, then it is a good idea to pursue a HAZMAT certification. For some jobs, it is mandatory to hold a certification and employers can face fines if they don’t get their employees properly trained. For some workers, their HAZMAT certification occurs at the job site and is part of their new employee orientation.

For other workers or those who may want to hold a certification when it isn’t required, finding a good course is essential to being able to recognize a hazardous situation. For most people, the best way to do this is to take an online certification course.

How Hard Is It To Find a Good Online HAZMAT Certification?

There are a number of ways to find a good HAZMAT certification course online. Most governments sponsor training courses through their safety and awareness divisions. In the United States, for example, you could obtain your certification directly through an OSHA course. There are also several agencies that provide specific training at-home, meeting international safety guidelines for dangerous goods.

Your certification must come from an agency that is allowed to provide a HAZMAT certification in your local community.

When you find the right online agency, then knowing what kind of training that you need becomes the primary objective. Spending more money on training that doesn’t apply to your job may help you respond quickly during a disaster, but could be overkill when it comes to your daily job routine.

For Most Workers, a Basic 4 Hour Course Is Satisfactory

When you go into fuel your vehicle, did you know that the attendants at the station are HAZMAT certified? They must be because they are around fuel and oil as part of their daily duties. For them, however, a basic 4 hour HAZMAT certification course is satisfactory because it will teach them how to clean up spills, protect themselves from fumes, and provide proper ventilation.

Workers who transport hazardous goods in any way may need a more advanced course. Standard courses last for 3 days, 8 hours per day, and can be taken online at your own speed in some communities. If you are a manager or supervisor with direct reports who work around HAZMAT items, you’ll also want to invest in the 8 hour or 16 hour course that is specifically designed for supervisors.

For those who need to respond to emergency situations, a FRO Level I or II certification may be the best training to receive. They are the most extensive forms of HAZMAT certification and will teach those who take the course how to properly contain, control, and ultimately clean-up a disaster that occurs in any environment.

In order to obtain any form of HAZMAT certification, you must do more than just attend the class. You must also be able to pass a test that shows you possess the information you will need about handling hazardous goods. Do you need to take this test? Would you like to find out what is on these tests? Find out more today so that you can get the certification you need! Take a look here.